Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Lets You Build Your Own Robot-In-Disguise

Since the 80s, little boys all around the world have wanted to craft their own Transformer. With the release of High Moon’s Transformers: Fall of Cybertron next month, that dream can finally be realized.

The trailer below, courtesy of Gamespot, shows off the multiplayer mode of the upcoming robot shooter. Since it would be plain unfair for the entirety of the community to be able to play as such legends as Optimus Prime, players are tasked with building their own Transformer.

The customization was present in the last game, but it wasn’t quite as intricate as this one looks. That was simply picking between a few predetermined character models. This looks much better, allowing players to freely customize individual body parts, though many of those heads and bodies look like they’re ripped directly from other characters.

Still, you won’t care what other people’s bots look like when you’re blowing them to pieces, right?

Have a look below.