Trials Fusion Getting Tournaments Via New Update


Things have been quiet on the Trials Fusion front since the game’s initial launch back in April, though developer RedLynx has promised to release multiple packs of downloadable content in the months to come. While we still don’t know exactly when those will start to roll out, fans of the series looking for a good excuse to boot the game back up may get their wish granted today, and it won’t cost them a dime.

Since its release, Fusion has had an odd feature in its main menu, that being the mysterious “Pyrosequencing” option, which has never apparently served any real purpose. That changes today though across all versions of the game, as a new update patch brings with it a new mode featuring online tournaments. In it, players will be able to compete in timed events on specific tracks, complete with unique leaderboards and prizes, such as customizable rider gear, bike equipment, and experience points.

Besides the new tournaments mode, 10 new user-created tracks will be playable on every platform that the game is available on. This is a nice bonus, as up until now, all custom tracks have been restricted to whatever platform they were created on. Additionally, for Xbox One owners who are interested in the game but can’t make their minds up, a downloadable demo is now available specifically for that console.

We will continue to keep you updated on Trials Fusion as more new announcements are made, so stay tuned.

Source: IGN