Turn-Based RPG Blackguards Breaks Down Classes In New Video


Daedalic Entertainment has released the first video in a series of tutorial guides intended to help introduce players to the finer points of battle in their turn-based RPG, Blackguards.

What exactly is Blackguards? I’m thrilled you asked. See, the game is based off of The Dark Eye (Europe’s most successful pen-and-paper game), and utilizes the continent of Aventuria as the background to test your skills across 180 individually crafted battle maps.

Players assume the identity of a convicted murderer, who must acquire the help of a questionable group of characters, in order to save the world from evil. Each chapter that you conquer leads deeper into a story full of intrigue and twists that test the morality of players by questioning how far you are willing to go in order to succeed.

The first step on your journey will be to choose from one of three base classes; the fighter, mage, or hunter. After choosing your initial class, players are then free to build up their character in a way unique to their individual play style. Daedalic chose to implement this form of leveling system as a means of integrating the complex set of rules into an adaptive system that suits the needs of newcomers, while also satisfying the hunger of hardcore pen-and-pad warriors on the battlefield.

In order to achieve a successful balance, the team made the decision to substitute class level-ups for Adventure Points. This precious resource is used to upgrade your individual character’s attributesm such as courage, agility, spells or skills. By adapting this system, Blackguards allows players to develop their own custom character in a dynamic and engaging way.

Currently, you can jump into the world of Blackguards through Steam’s Early Access program. Of course, you will also be able to get an official release copy on January 24th via Steam for a reasonable $39.99.

Be sure to check out the full Blackguards character class breakdown video below. If you happen to leave your thoughts in the comments section, I might consider giving you a +1 We Got This Covered reader skill point. Don’t laugh, it’s a pretty big deal.