Turtle Rock Unveils Evacuation Mode For Evolve, Billed As A Dynamic Mini-Campaign


Ever since it was first unveiled via Game Informer, Turtle Rock Studios’ upcoming team-based shooter Evolve hasn’t been short of praise. Billed as a dynamic, asymmetric experience, the title is hailed as a bold new direction in the multiplayer space. But one criticism — or rather, suspicion — that has lingered over the game is its approach to narrative-driven content.

We understood that the studio planned to incorporate story elements into the monster-hunting action in a similar manner to Titanfall, where your actions on the ground had an effect — albeit a small one — on the larger, overarching plot. But today, Turtle Rock unveiled one mode that will certainly flesh out the lush, alien world of Shear: Evacuation.

Described as a mini-campaign of sorts, the game mode supports one to five players who must work together to rescue as many humans as possible before the facilities on Shear are blown to kingdom come. This action will take part across five rounds, with the first outing being the Hunt. Soon after, the users will have the option to choose between Nest or Rescue, before the campaign climaxes in the survival-based Defend mode — which reads similar to Call of Duty‘s Zombies Mode, only with gargantuan monsters in lieu of the undead.

What makes this novel mode so interesting is the fact that the events that play out across one round can have an impact on the next and vice versa. Taking to the game’s dedicated site, the studio provided an example of this persistent world.

“As one example, the Dam is saved and the Hunters win for that day,” Turtle Rock explains. “As a result, the workers are able to power up Perimeter Fences, which cut neighboring maps into half sized portions, creating an interesting advantage for the Hunters.”

Evolve is due to roar onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 10, 2015.

Source: Turtle Rock