Twisted Metal Explodes Into Retail Today

Right about now, you and your Valentine are probably calling it a night. It’s been a long and potentially exciting day. She’s telling you to come to bed, but you can’t just now. You’ve got a date with the ice cream man. That’s right kids, the long awaited Twisted Metal is available for purchase right now. You can buy it. Go on and get it. I’ll wait here.

To celebrate the release, Sony’s released a launch trailer to not only give you that last bit of excitement to put you over the top, but give you an even better reason to ignore that significant other of yours on the king of all Hallmark holidays. Or even better, you could try convincing them to play with.

Happy Valentines Day, gamers. Now go on! I’m sure you’ve got more “important things” to do!

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A lifelong gamer, musician (AKA Viking Jesus) and writer who has a special appreciation for games that try to be artistic. Some favorites include Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Metroid Prime and Okami.