Twitch Prime Members Get A Free Apex Legends Skin For Pathfinder This Week

Apex Legends

Pathfinder mains might not have much of a reason to celebrate as of late, thanks to a substantial nerf to the character rolled out in Apex Legends Season 5, but perhaps today’s news will be enough to turn those frowns upside down. As part of its ongoing partnership with Twitch Prime, Respawn has confirmed the latest in a series of free cosmetics being given away to all subscribers to the streaming service, and it’s the Forward Scout himself that’s next-in-line to get some new threads or, in this case, parts.

The so-called ‘Swimming Buddy’ skin is marked as being available from today, July 16th, though as of writing, it appears as if the promotion has yet to go live, as attempting to claim the loot simply returns an “Available Soon” message. Chances are, the bonus item will be obtainable in a matter of hours, but until then, feel free to check out Pathfinder’s new look down below.

Interestingly, the mystery prize to follow today’s giveaway next week has also been unveiled and, somewhat surprisingly, it’s not a character skin. An exclusive ‘Mixtape’ Gun Charm – purely cosmetic trinkets that can be attached to any weapon of your choice – will be claimable from July 20th onwards, leaving just five panels to be revealed. Knowing what we do now, there’s no longer any guarantee that those remaining will be for Legends yet to get their own Twitch Prime outfit, though we’re willing to hazard a guess and say a wardrobe addition for Bangalore will be one of them.

Respawn has recently been teasing that the ex-soldier will be getting some much-needed story development in Season 6, so it’d certainly make sense for the two to coincide. For everything we know so far about that, see here.