Apex Legends Writer Teases Bangalore Event For Season 6

Apex Legends

An often overlooked Apex Legends character is due to finally get the spotlight in a future season, it would seem.

Anita Williams, or Bangalore, as she’s more widely known, has flown under the radar ever since the battle royale’s launch last year in regards to story development, with the likes of Bloodhound, Wraith and Crypto largely getting the lion’s share of attention. It’s the latter of those three, in fact, that recently got their own Town Takeover event in Kings Canyon, but we’ve yet to see any such occasion for Apex’s so-called Professional Soldier.

Thanks to a recent exchange between player and creator over on Twitter, however, it looks like that’s all about to change in the weeks and months ahead. Replying to one fan’s query of whether Bangalore will receive more lore development anytime soon, Apex Legends writer Tom Casiello responded with:

Now do you think we’d put our girl front and center, only to just drop her in Season Six? Oh, ye, of little faith… That tough “not here to make friends” facade is just starting to crack. She’s letting her guard down a little, and that means her journey’s just getting started!

Nothing too specific, then, though at the very least, it appears as if some sort of catalyst in Season 6 or beyond is going to affect Bangalore on a personal level and a clue might already have been provided as part of Season 5’s narrative. Suspicions that Titanfall 2 antagonist Ash will be the next playable legend to follow Loba have been steadily growing due to Apex Legends‘ ongoing Broken Ghost questline and, given that the pair used to be employed by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC), it’s certainly not a stretch to suggest that they’re already well acquainted.

Whether Respawn’s planning for Bangalore and Ash to face off in Season 6 remains to be seen, of course, but with the final part of Broken Ghost due to go live later this week, it shouldn’t be long before fans are given answers, so watch this space.