Ubisoft Details The Crew’s Season Pass As Second Beta Goes Live


Shortly after the game’s follow-up beta went live this morning, Ubisoft outlined the content within The Crew‘s rather hefty season pass, which ensures access to new content all the way through to May, 2015.

Available for $24.99, the premium package will give players access to an additional 14 vehicles over the coming months, with the McLaren 12C and Ferrari 458 Speciale being the two available from day one. From there, budding racers can expect a quartet of car packs to be released incrementally, each containing a trio of slick new wheels.

It’s worth noting that each pack is available to buy individually for $6.99; so, if you have your dream car lurking within one of the post-launch add-ons, it might be worth holding off until it’s ready to take out for a spin.

Speaking of which, the first DLC (entitled The Extreme Pack) will launch in January of next year, with a new add-on planned for each subsequent month until April. Seemingly, the road doesn’t end there for The Crew‘s additional content, as Ubisoft hint at releasing new in-game missions and challenges throughout the course of 2015. After all, given the MMO-esque nature of the studio’s racer, the game may very well live or die depending on the amount and indeed quality of that post-launch support.

We’ve known for some time that The Crew places a heavy emphasis on fine-tuning the nuances of your vehicle to your heart’s desire, but the season pass takes that level of ccustomizationto a new level by bringing in 52 exclusive rims, 106 liveries and 23 additional tuning kits and 4 exclusive stickers.

Elsewhere, we understand that the second bout of testing went live earlier today, with Ubisoft running the follow-up beta through until Monday, November 10th across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Crew will launch for current-gen consoles, Xbox 360 and PC on December 2nd, 2014.