Ubisoft Fast-Tracks Third Major Patch For Assassin’s Creed: Unity


Ubisoft has announced plans to fast-track a third major patch for Assassin’s Creed: Unity that will look to address the game’s glitch-ridden AI.

While the company have shelved plans to rectify the wavering, wholly unstable framerate for another day, Ubisoft has assured fans that it plans to unveil more information regarding a permanent fix sooner rather than later.

Here’s a rundown of the latest patch for Unity, which will weigh in as the largest yet:

Gameplay: this includes bugs like Arno getting stuck on certain areas of the map (including a few more hay carts), problems with getting into/out of cover, character animation bugs, and general camera problems

AI & Crowd: in this category are problems with NPC animations, crowd events, and crowd stations, NPC navigation issues, as well as bugs related to NPCs detecting Arno’s activities in various situations

Matchmaking & Connectivity: this covers a number of issues related to co-op play, including bugs with joining games in-progress and problems that happen during host migration

Menus & HUD: fixes in this category will address missing details in certain menus, problems with some of the mission objective and co-op update pop-ups, localization inconsistencies, as well as some of the issues with menus and pop-ups overlapping each other

General Stability: this includes fixes for a number of crash situations we’ve identified in both campaign and co-op modes.

This follows up on the sequel’s sophomore patch, which hit PlayStation 4 and PC on Friday in a bid to fix players falling through the floor of the game world, which although made for some entertaining YouTube montages, proved to be a frustrating glitch. We understand that this update will make its way to Xbox One today.

Despite all of those aforementioned issues, Assassin’s Creed: Unity enjoyed a relatively good debut in the UK Charts, where it entered in second place.

Source: Ubisoft