Ubisoft Shifts Gears To Bring The Crew To Xbox 360; PS3, Wii U Versions Off The Table



Shortly after announcing an Xbox 360 version of its anticipated MMO-styled racer, The Crew, publisher Ubisoft has detailed why the open-world title won’t be appearing on PlayStation 3 or Wii U come November.

In an interview with IGN, a representative from the company explained that the decision was made based on the Xbox 360’s internal specs, which are similar to that of its immediate successor:

“It’s actually because The Crew is originally built for the new generation of consoles. So when the decision was made to port it to the previous generation of consoles, it was decided to focus solely on the platform closest to the new-gen’s technical infrastructure, which is the Xbox 360.”

Development of the 360 port is to be handled by Asobo Studio — a French company well versed in racing titles following its work on 2009’s Fuel — with external support from Ubisoft Reflections. As expected, The Crew on Xbox 360 will retain all of the unique, socially-connected features known to date, along with the high-octane driving experience.

Initially unveiled during E3 2013, The Crew has been touted as an ambitious take on the racing sim we know and love. With the vast regions of the United States at your disposal, players can link up with friends to explore and unlock a variety of licensed vehicles.

Ahead of its release, Ubisoft is also planning to host a beta for the online-only title, which is due to take place towards the end of September. And we’ll have more details regarding this bout of testing closer to the time.

By kicking PlayStation 3 and Wii U to the curb, The Crew is now set to drift onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on November 11th, 2014.

Source: IGN

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