Ubisoft Unveil Uplay PC Digital Distribution Client And Tempt With Dramatic Discounts

Ubisoft’s Uplay has finally arrived at its inevitable conclusion. The service, which previously allowed players of the publisher titles to accrue points and unlock bonuses in the form of in-game content, has become a digital distribution platform known as Uplay PC to the surprise and delight of absolutely no one.

To tempt you into using Uplay PC, Ubisoft are running a heavy sales promotion until the 19th which includes exclusive daily discounts. The most prominent promotion is of course the $1 games shown in the image above. Rotating daily, these games aren’t so much competitively priced as they are negligibly priced, but I am unsure as to whether these loss leaders will be enough to convince PC gamers to install yet another gaming client.

As my tone thus far may has indicated, I am not overly enamoured by this news. I am not against companies competing against Steam – the current king of digital distribution – but I am tired of them trying to ape the service as opposed to offer something truly unique. GOG and its DRM-free philosophy has quite rightfully seen it take pride of place as many gamer’s (my self included) distributor of choice, and unlike Ubisoft both Valve and CD Projekt have earned the respect of the PC community.

Offering some of the most restrictive DRM in the industry, porting games in the laziest (à la Friday’s From Dust) and least timely (Assassins Creed 3 delayed) manner possible and then giving us your own client is just something I can’t support. Some of their games are great and some of the deals are incredibly good, but their PC practices are another matter entirely.

If you wish, you can check out the deals yourself on the Uplay PC site (UK, US) as well as read the official Press Release below:


SAN FRANCISCO – August 16, 2012 – Today at Gamescom 2012, Ubisoft officially launched Uplay PC, an application that serves as a digital distribution platform and central point for PC gamers to connect to Uplay’s community and consumer-centric services. The video game developer and publisher also kicked off a promotion making select Ubisoft PC titles available through Uplay PC for as little as $1 for a limited time.

Uplay, Ubisoft’s online services and distribution platform, now has more than 35 million members and is available across Ubisoft games and across platforms. Uplay PC replaces individual game launchers and lets gamers access all their Uplay-enabled PC games and Uplay services in the same place. Uplay PC also includes new features, including an integrated shop, the direct purchase and download of games, a friends list and chat system that add value to PC players’ experience.

To encourage players to download and try Uplay PC, Ubisoft is making PC versions of Driver®: San Francisco, From Dust®, Silent Hunter® 5 and Tom Clancy’s® H.A.W.X.® 2 available for $1 for a limited time. Other popular titles — including Anno 2070™, Assassin’s Creed® II, Assassin’s Creed® Brotherhood, Assassin’s Creed® Revelations, Might & Magic®: Heroes® VI, Tom Clancy’s® Splinter Cell Conviction® — are discounted up to 75%, also for a limited time.

“Uplay PC is a great way for customers to discover Ubisoft’s games, connect with their friends and gaming communities, and win achievements and content that’s not available anywhere else.” said Stephanie Perotti, Worldwide Director for Online Games, Ubisoft. “For PC gamers that are already fans of Ubisoft’s titles or have been considering trying some of our classics, this promotion is a great deal, and our way of saying thank you for their support.”
Uplay PC and more information on the promotion can be found at http://uplay.ubi.com.

About Ubisoft:
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Source: Joystiq