UK PlayStation 4 Sales Reach One Million Within Eight Months


Sony has formally announced that PlayStation 4 sales in the UK have surpassed the one million mark, which positions the company’s current-gen hardware as the country’s second fastest-selling console to date — only the Nintendo Wii has sold more units during the same window.

Though the system had been on track to break the record before the year’s end, the recently-released Destiny PS4 bundle undeniably helped propel sales past one million. Speaking about the milestone, Sony’s UK managing director spoke with The Guardian:

“It’s a fortuitous coincidence that the launch of Destiny will bring us over the million mark. If you reflect back to last year, we announced PS4 and Destiny at the same time.”

Currently, worldwide sales of PlayStation 4 are simmering around the ten million mark — which equates to the UK containing around 10% of global units. And though Sony is still slightly ahead of Microsoft in terms of sales, it’s worth noting that the PS4 is currently available in more countries across the world than its direct competitor.

Because arguably, it’s Microsoft who sit in a stronger position going in to the holiday season. Given that a large portion of Call of Duty players will flock to play Advanced Warfare on Xbox One come November — as evidenced by the 1TB hardware bundle — alongside Sunset Overdrive and the Halo: Master Chief Collection.

For Sony, on the other hand, the company will continue to champion Bungie’s Destiny as one of the main reasons to choose PlayStation 4— despite the game being available on Xbox platforms — going into the holiday season.

Either way, the outcome between the two rivalling factions is immaterial; at the end of the day, it’s the players who benefit most from this pent-up competition.

Source: The Guardian