Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Coming To Nintendo Switch


Capcom has announced Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers for Nintendo Switch, marking the first time in almost two decades that the vintage fighter will receive new characters. Revealed as part of a buzz reel during Nintendo’s highly-anticipated Switch presentation last night, Capcom has since updated its blog to provide some additional details on this latest iteration of Street Fighter II, namely, what that Final Challengers sub-heading is all about.

Both Evil Ryu and Violent Ken will be retroactively added to Street Fighter II‘s existing character roster for its Switch release, both of which represent corrupted versions of their usual pious selves. Evil Ryu, much like series icon Akuma, utilizes the Satsui no Hado to mince his foes into dust and is concerned with only one thing – who his next opponent will be.

As for Violent Ken, the comically-named iteration of Ryu’s best friend has been brainwashed by Shadaloo master M. Bison, turning his brother love for Ryu into unbridled hatred. Capcom bills the latter as a far more aggressive version of the Ken we all know and love, with purple flames replacing his “signature fire.”

As for how The Final Challengers will utilize the Switch’s unique design, Capcom confirms that both Joy-Con controllers can be disengaged from the main unit for some friendly couch multiplayer in Arcade Mode, or even team-up to fight against the CPU as part of a tag-team. No release date for Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is mentioned in the post, although it does reveal that series producer Yoshinori Ono will be present at Nintendo’s Treehouse Live event to show the game in action.

The aforementioned event is due to start imminently, so be sure to check back for full coverage throughout the day.