Uncharted 4 On The Cards?

Seeing as Uncharted 3 isn’t going to be purring away in our PS3s till sometime in November, it feels a little odd to be thinking about a fourth Uncharted. But Naughty Dog’s Justin Richmond has spoken about the franchise (nice one Edge Magazine) and indicated that if things continue to be as rewarding then he can’t see any reason why Drake should retire.

Richmond opened up to Edge and said the following:

“You see it in the movies, they constantly reboot things you just saw ten years ago. You’re like: “Wait a minute. I just saw that!” Spider-Man is just ridiculous. It’s something you have to be careful of with any kind of creative endeavour, and the lure to reinvent yourself is always there.

But one good thing is that we feel we’re not done with Drake yet; we haven’t done all we wanted to do, and there are still technical hurdles and goals we want to get over, and do even more stuff in gameplay… We’re very cogniscent of the legacy of what Drake is, and that every game should advance the story and the genre.”

So it would appear that Sony will always have buff-man to help sell consoles, and generally annoy the Xbox, PC, and Nintendo crowds. But considering that Uncharted 3 is hoping to set the standard AGAIN, and up the ante for what the PS3’s powerhouse can muscle, Uncharted 4 might be only ready for a PS4-next-next-gen era?

Well for now I’m content to just wait for Drake’s Deception.

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