Upcoming Resident Evil Village Demo Will Have Content From The Full Game

Resident Evil Village

The next time Capcom gives fans a chance to play Resident Evil Village ahead of its launch will be in the form of a proper playable teaser.

As has been true for all major installments in the series in recent years, the developer has opted to build hype via traditional means. Demos remain a highly successful method of enticing those who might otherwise skip a purchase to get hooked on the gameplay or story being told and it stands to reason that Village, despite belonging to one of the most popular gaming franchises ever, has yet to draw the attention of everyone with an interest in the survival horror genre. Veterans, on the other hand, will largely have a solid idea of what to expect, but that certainly doesn’t mean they’re not part of the intended audience, either.

That being the case, it’s not surprising that a great deal of hype surrounds the inevitable arrival of a trial, but what good is such a thing if it isn’t representative of the finished product? Fortunately, Capcom is well aware of that fact and has told Japanese magazine Famitsu in a recent interview that, unlike the PlayStation 5 exclusive MAIDEN (more of a tech/visual showcase), the next demo will be available on all platforms and contain content from the full game.

As for which portion of the campaign will be used, your guess is as valid as ours, though we imagine it likely that it’ll involve segments already revealed in previous trailers. It’s worth noting, too, that these don’t necessarily need to be linear and/or connected, so it could well be that parts of the prologue will be mashed together with later game scenarios.

Whatever the outcome, there’s definitely not long to wait to find out for sure. Resident Evil Village is out for current and last-gen consoles as well as PC on May 7th.