Valve Will Not Be Showing Any New Games At E3 This Year

Though many gamers were hoping for this year’s E3 to see the announcement of Half-Life 2: Episode 3, that apparently isn’t going to happen. Valve recently sent out press e-mails detailing the fact that setting up appointments for their booth will not be important this year, because they will not be showing off any new titles. This official confirmation eliminates the possibility of those aforementioned fans’ dreams coming true this June. Though, hopefully the game is being worked on in secret, behind closed doors.

Valve are currently coming off the incredibly successful and popular release of Portal 2 – the sequel to 2007’s incredibly popular first-person shooter/puzzle game mix. It has consistently reviewed well with very high scores and lots of great comments. Look for the game’s first downloadable content pack to hit the 360, PS3 and Steam sometime in the near future.