Vampyr E3 Teaser Casts Light On Dontnod’s Gothic Nightmare


Ahead of E3 2016 getting underway in earnest, an eerie new trailer for Dontnod’s horror title Vampyr has emerged from the shadows. Building on the nightmarish screenshots that found their way online a few weeks ago, the snippet casts light on the temperamental protagonist at the heart of Dontnod’s new IP.

That’s Jonathan Reid, doctor by day and blood-sucker by night. Indeed, Vampyr takes place during a time when Victorian London was brought to its knees by the Spanish Flu circa 1918, and Reid’s sombre voiceover really sums up the grim situation that the Big Smoke faces: “I have few allies, and even fewer options,” he muses. “It’s a war, and I have to fight to survive. My life has become a waking nightmare. I did not choose the thing I’ve become, but I can choose the lives I take.”

Drawing inspiration from the branching narrative that underpinned Dontnod’s excellent Life is Strange, Vampyr will also feature plenty of player choice throughout its dark and brooding story, as you choose between who lives and who dies.

Vampyr is due to release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC at some point in 2017. Expect more news to surface over the coming days, and we’ll have it all for you right here on We Got This Covered.