Vanillaware’s RPG Dragon’s Crown Hits Europe On October 11th


The fabled European release date for side-scrolling brawler Dragon’s Crown was finally confirmed by NIS America today, having slated the game for October 11th in the territory. Vanillaware’s RPG title earned overly favourable reviews when it was released for the U.S. earlier this month, and the PlayStation exclusive has even become the studio’s highest selling game to date.

When it hits the EU in a couple of months, Dragon’s Crown will available at retail and through the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, respectively. Aditionally, NIS America confirmed that a limited edition art book will be available at certain outlets for customers who pre-order their copy of the game ahead of time – although it’s unconfirmed which European retailers will offer this added bonus at this time.

Within the game, players choose one of the six diverse classes before embarking on a deep, rewarding quest that has them battling a multitude of challenging foes. Vanillaware’s project also features a four player co-operative mode, which can be enjoyed both locally and online. In saying that, considering that the game doesn’t feature cross-buy nor cross-play; this co-op feature is tethered to only one of Sony’s respective platforms.

Upon release, critics praised the intuitive combat system and 2D art; however, Dragon’s Crown also drew criticism regarding the portrayal of the game’s female characters – namely the Sorceress and Elf classes. Ahead of its European debut, you can check out our thoughts on the game right here.

The RPG has also been granted an Australian release date, too, and will be available one day earlier for the Land Down Under on October 10th.

In the meantime, tell us whether or not you’ve played Dragon’s Crown yet. If so, did you enjoy Vanillaware’s 2D hack and slash? Give us your thoughts below.