Version Exclusive Galarian Ponyta Revealed For Pokémon Sword And Shield


Pokémon Sword and Shield fans eager to learn more of the mysterious fauna that inhabits the Galar region have been richly rewarded for their patience. Today, developer Game Freak released a trailer for the Switch exclusives that reveals yet another Pokédex addition in the form of a new Galarian Pokémon. As the term suggests, this particular ‘Mon isn’t quite an entirely original creation but rather, an alternate version of an existing creature, usually a well-known classic from the original games.

We’ve already witnessed as such with Generation 1’s duck Pokémon Farfetch’d, of course, but now it’s the turn of Fire-type Ponyta to receive a makeover. First revealed over the weekend as part of a 24-hour live stream, this rainbow-colored variant of the horse Pokémon has a magical visage, to say the least, and looks like a character straight out of My Little Pony. Check it out for yourselves via the gallery and trailer above.

Dubbed the ‘Unique Horn Pokémon’ via the official website’s description, Galarian Ponyta’s new look is a result of exposure to the magical energies of Glimwood Forest and the cause of its flamboyant mane. Somewhat strangely, however, Ponyta’s new form isn’t the Fairy-type many had suspected it to be, but Psychic-type.

See below for all the details:

Galarian Ponyta

  • Category: Unique Horn Pokémon
  • Type: Psychic
  • Height: 2’7″
  • Weight: 52.9 lbs
  • Ability: Run Away/Pastel Veil

As the counterpart to Pokémon Sword exclusive Sirfetch’d, Galarian Ponyta can only be encountered in Shield, meaning owners of the former will need to trade with other players in order to get their hands on the foal. As for potential evolutions, veteran Trainers will know that Ponyta’s original fire-maned form would evolve into Rapidash upon reaching a high enough level, which leads us to believe that its Galarian counterpart will have the same properties. That being the case, expect a Galarian Rapidash reveal in the near future.

Pokémon Sword and Shield are out November 15th for Nintendo Switch.