Virtual Reality Developers Will Have Their Own Conference This Year

The Virtual Reality Developers Conference will take place in November this year and will be the second annual VR conference. However, unlike in 2015, the event will not feature representatives from any other industries.

The event was part of the Game Developers Conference last year, but this time around, the focus is entirely on virtual reality. While Valve will be present, the conference will be a place for attendees to discuss the use of VR across a variety of applications and media. Those present will run the profession gamut from artists to those in the audio industry.

It’s exciting that the VRDC is taking it upon themselves to ensure that their product is more than a peripheral device. While the media focuses almost entirely on VR as a means to enhance video gaming, its potential uses are considerably broad. It’s reasonable to expect that attendance from a wide variety of industries looking to incorporate VR will grow in the years to come. Everything from medicine, education, film and plenty more stand much to gain from the development of this hardware. The potential for VR to fundamentally change and enhance technologies we take for granted can’t be understated.

The VRDC will take place from November 2nd-3rd in San Francisco, though they will continue to also take part in the Game Developers Conference in February of 2017.

Source: Polygon