Wacky Switch Launch Window Title Arms Is Full of Arm-Extending Action


A wacky Nintendo Switch launch window title called Arms will feature highly stylized cartoon arm-extending multiplayer action, Nintendo announced at its Jan. 12 presentation. The game will launch this spring, according to the company, and represents a sort of return to their Wii-era experiments with motion-controlled gaming. Specifically, players will use the left and right Joy-Con controllers to fling their chosen character’s respective arms, creating a sort of interesting hybrid between traditional Punch-Out!!-style boxing and the sort of projectile-heavy gameplay you’d see in a shooter.

In another twist, players won’t actually move their fighters with the use of the Joy-Cons’ analog sticks; instead, they’ll physically tilt the controllers in the direction they’d like them to go. This sounds like it could be a bit confusing and unintuitive, but as always, we’ll have to wait until we actually get the controllers in our hands to say for sure.

As a new Nintendo IP, Arms features exactly the sort of cartoony look one would expect from the company, and characters like Spring Man and Ribbon Girl fit well within the beloved tradition of goofy, colorful and family-friendly heroes the company is so well-known for.

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