Warframe – A Beginner’s Guide To The PlayStation 4’s Best Free-To-Play Title



Once you’ve made your selection, it’s time to start thinking about movement. Movement is a big part of Warframe, and there are a number of movement combinations that you might not realize until stumbling upon them. All advanced movements and movement combos also have a stamina cost associated with them, but stamina recharges fairly quickly as long as you’re not running or otherwise engaged in an activity that drains it. Here are the three basic types of movement.

  • Running – As you run, simply jump and continue holding the jump button. Doing so will allow you to run horizontally along a wall, or run vertically up a wall. From a horizontal wall run, you can let go of the button to wall jump, which will launch your Warframe quite far. This is true even if you’ve only just started your wall run.
  • Sliding – While running, press and hold L1 to slide. Once you are sliding, your slide will continue until you choose to leave the sliding stance, or your momentum brings you to a stop. Sliding also allows your stamina to regenerate while keeping you moving. To stop sliding, you can use your melee weapon to do a dashing slash attack, jump to launch yourself considerably farther than a standard jump, or press the L1 button again to resume running.
  • Jumping – In addition to allowing the player to wall run, a basic jump can also be combined with a melee attack to perform a powerful downward thrust attack that will knock down most enemies. This allows the player the necessary time to charge up a strong melee attack as the enemy returns to a standing position, or follow up with a quick stab into the still downed enemy. Players can also hit the slide button while performing a running jump, which will result in a jump kick that can also knock down their opponent.