Warner Bros. Registers Scribblenauts Unlimited Domain

Superannuation discovered a new domain registration this last week for Scribblenauts Unlimited, indicating that we may be hearing about Maxwell’s latest adventure next week at E3.

The URL, scribblenautsunlimited.com, was not registered directly by Warner Bros. Interactive, however, the company that secured it has been used in the past by the publisher for anonymous domain registrations. Additionally, Warner Bros. has a history of having new Scribblenauts games outed by domain registrations. Specifically, last year’s iPhone game Scribblenauts Remix was first revealed the exact same way.

Speculation points towards Scribblenauts Unlimited being the name of developer 5th Cell’s Wii U project but it would also be completely reasonable to expect a 3DS version as well, given the series’ history.

Look for more information on whatever Scribblenauts Unlimited turns out to be next week during our E3 coverage.

Source: Joystiq