Watch Delsin’s Magician-Esque Powers In This New inFamous: Second Son Dev Diary

inFamous: Second Son

Sucker Punch has done plenty to stoke the excitement for their forthcoming threequel, inFamous: Second Son. Previous trailers have hinted at the game’s stunning graphics along with some new and innovative means of gameplay. However, today the studio published some fresh footage that focuses on Delsin Rowe – a new protagonist for the series – and his various magician-esque powers.

Entitled Smoke & Mirrors, you can check out the video right here courtesy of PlayStation Blog:

While the inFamous series established itself on harnessing the power of lightning through the first two games, Sucker Punch’s third entry into the franchise tears up the rulebook in many ways; thereby offering players a much more dynamic experience. Delsin slicks through Sucker Punch’s beautiful rendition of Seattle like a modern-day conjuror. Smoke is the backbone of his versatile, super-powered arsenal and the elemental nature of this ability lends inFamous: Second Son its grimy aesthetic.

This fluid, on-the-fly style of play is evidenced in the above clip, in which Sucker Punch talk about the minutia of the game’s particle effects; which were instrumental in rendering the most realistic and immersive experience possible. Unlike Cole – who served as the central character in the first two games – Delsin is a more robust, almost cocky character who outright embraces his abilities. Not only does this promise to freshen up Sony’s successful franchise, it also hints toward some seriously fun gameplay on the part of the player.

The creative team also discuss the exploration element of the game, detailing how the adaptable Delsin will be able to manipulate his own form to traverse through ventilation systems and open pipes scattered around the map – in a slightly different fashion than Mario, mind you. This, in turn, will present players with the option of a stealthy approach or, to stay true to the character, an all-guns-blazing styled takedown.

Sure, InFamous: Second Son looks pretty, but judging by this new video; the team are as concerned with creating a powerful gameplay experience to match the decidedly next-gen visuals.

The studio’s third iteration of the inFamous series is being developed as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and while we don’t know a specific release date at this time, it’s expected that the game will launch in spring, 2014.

Tell us, are you excited about the game? Does inFamous Second Son‘s novel protagonist and his gung-ho style appeal to you? Let us know in the comments below.