Watch Dogs 2 Easter Egg Seemingly Teases New Spacefaring Ubisoft Game


Watch Dogs 2 launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One tomorrow and, as is the case with all eagerly anticipated triple-A titles, a certain number of people have gotten their hands on the game early with footage starting to pop up online at a steady rate.

One such snippet of gameplay, which you can take a gander at above, details a mission where players are asked to hack into the servers of Ubisoft’s own San Francisco office in order to obtain an E3 trailer for an unannounced title.

Plastered with a watermark that reads “Ubisoft Confidential, Do Not Distribute,” the studio is clearly taking a playful jab at the usual plethora of leaks that trickle out ahead of each year’s E3 exhibition, but could the footage shown be a teaser for an actual future Ubisoft title?

Sadly, there’s no way of knowing if that is the case, but the mock ‘leak’ certainly looks too high in quality to simply be a fourth wall-breaking joke. Depicting some type of spacefaring title, the trailer shows various different types of man-made satellites floating through space and past different planets, with a lone astronaut piloting a ship through the vast vacuum.

We likely won’t know whether the video is teasing a real game until Ubisoft decides to comment on the Easter egg itself, but either way, it’s always nice to see developers sneak these types of secrets into their titles.

Watch Dogs 2 releases tomorrow, November 15 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with a PC release scheduled for November 29. You can check out our review in progress here.