Watch Dogs’ Maiden DLC May Bring Aiden Pearce To New Jersey


According to an official Tweet from Ubisoft, Watch Dogs’ gravel-voiced protagonist Aiden Pearce could be leaving the Windy City come fall, as the company hinted that the game’s first batch of downloadable content will take place in Camden, New Jersey.


Along with the tease, the Twitter page stated that: “Our data indicates surveillance has become more prominent in high-crime areas.” While vague, the message may give an indication that Ubisoft is prepping to introduce players to new game mechanics; after all, hacking your way through various gang hideouts in the core campaign became very tedious, very quickly.

Much like with the initial reveal in 2012, Ubisoft appears to be marrying the tech-infused narrative of Watch Dogs with official criminal statistics for that added dash of realism — in this case, the hyperbolic crime rate of Camden, New Jersey.

Dubious crime figures aside, however, it’ll be interesting to see whether the studio remains loyal to Aiden Pearce for the DLC or, in the vein of inFamous: Second Son’s first batch of add-on First Light, decides to pass the mantle onto a secondary character (namely the loudmouthed Raymond ‘“T-Bone” Kennedy).

Though it is without an official release date at this time, we expect Watch Dogs’ maiden content pack to debut in the fall.

Tell us, do you think Ubisoft is right to leave the Windy City behind and explore other areas outside of Chicago in this forthcoming DLC for Watch Dogs? Sound off in the comments section below.

Source: Twitter