Watch: Mortal Kombat 11 Reveals First Teaser For Upcoming DLC

Mortal Kombat 11

In case you hadn’t heard, NetherRealm Studios is teasing something quite big indeed for Mortal Kombat 11.

The fighting game, which recently achieved the outstanding milestone of 8 million copies sold across all available platforms, continues to prove its staying power among fans of the series, to the extent that there appears to be no end in sight for the addition of post-launch content. Despite many being of the assumption that this year’s Aftermath expansion was intended to be the final addendum to an already content-packed experience, more is now all but guaranteed to be on the way. Earlier this week, game director Ed Boon confirmed that a special announcement was inbound and, thanks to a subsequent teaser trailer (seen below), we now have a solid ETA of when to expect a full reveal.

At only several seconds long, there’s nothing here that gives away what NetherRealm has planned, though the Tarkatan warrior running for his life in what appears to be a jungle suggests that their pursuer knows how to traverse such unwieldy environments. A former Vietnam veteran, perhaps?

Assuming previous leaks to be true, then, 80s action movie icon Rambo will be the obligatory guest character joining Mortal Kombat 11‘s cast this time around, and he’d certainly fit right in alongside the likes of Terminator and RoboCop.

As far as other potentials go, fan favorite Mileena, as well as Edenian prince Rain, are heavily rumored to be making the cut, but we’ll ultimately just have to wait and see how accurate either of those prove to be. Thankfully, the truth will be laid bare for all to see tomorrow, October 8th, and we’ll be covering all the major reveals as and when they come in, so stay tuned!