Watch: New Mortal Kombat 11 Clip Reveals Joker’s Brutal Second Fatality


While general sentiment among the Mortal Kombat 11 community couldn’t be more positive in light of last week’s gameplay video, Joker’s original reveal wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms. The iconic villain, who NetherRealm has more than its fair share of experience with thanks to the Injustice series, was considered the weakest of three guest fighters confirmed for MK 11‘s Kombat Pass DLC, not least for his controversial design.

Ridiculed for looking more like a budget cosplay costume than Batman’s actual nemesis, the character has since undergone a drastic redesign and, truly, looks all the better for it. First unveiled at last year’s Game Awards via a short teaser, disappointment has slowly U-turned into full-blown hype among fans, who now can’t wait to get their hands on Gotham City’s most notorious villain at the end of January.

Now, with less than a week to go, NetherRealm is doing its part to further fuel the excitement by revealing Joker’s second Fatality, and you can check it out via the trailer above.

While this particular finisher isn’t quite the same gorefest as that shown off last week, I’m nonetheless inclined to label this as my personal favourite of the two. Once again, NetherRealm’s attention to detail is to be commended, having nailed Joker’s two-toned comedic-yet-murderous personality to a T. It’s worth noting, too, that the character is wearing a costume different to that of his default, and it appears as if different customization options for his face paint will be available, too.

You can get your hands on Joker via early access on January 28th, with a full release to follow next month. The third (and currently final) Mortal Kombat 11 guest character Spawn is due to follow on March 26th, and you can see here for an early look at the popular anti-hero.