Watch: New Metroid Dread Trailer Teases More Of Samus’ Adventure


Just under a month ahead of launch, Metroid Dread has received yet another new teaser. The overview trailer released today retreads much of what we’ve seen before, but does introduce some exciting new gameplay challenges in the upcoming platformer.

Among these is a new kind of enemy players will see in Dread. “Research robots”, named E.M.M.I., will hunt down Samus throughout the game. There are various models of these bots, each with different abilities. It’s unclear how scripted these encounters are, but they seem to interrupt normal exploration and force Samus to run and hide using her abilities.

The previously revealed Special Edition of the game was also shown, which comes with an art book, steel case, and art cards for each 2D Metroid game for $89.99. It currently appears to be sold out at major retailers, however. In-game functionality of the two (also out of stock) Metroid Dread Amiibo figures are revealed, too. Both will replenish Samus’ resources and energy when used in-game.

Along with the trailer comes the latest Metroid Dread Report, a dev team transmission on the series. This week’s report details the Chozo, a nearly extinct ancient race of technologically advanced avians. Samus was raised by these enigmatic extraterrestrials, who transplanted her with Chozo DNA to help her live in harsh conditions and use their technology — like the iconic Arm Cannon. Despite this, it appears the Chozo in Dread will be foes.

Metroid Dread releases Oct. 8 on the Nintendo Switch and is still available for pre-order.