Watch: ‘Starfield’ developers tease the next ambitious open-world RPG from Bethesda

Image via Bethesda Softworks / Starfield (2022)

Despite its slated Nov. 11 release, we have yet to see any gameplay footage from Bethesda’s upcoming Microsoft exclusive Starfield, and it seems that director Todd Howard and his team are planning to keep fans waiting a little while longer.

In a recent developer diary as part of the “Into the Starfield” series, Howard sat down with some of the open-world RPG game’s senior designers to talk about what they have envisioned for this ambitious sci-fi project, noting that Starfield is “made for wanderers” in a way that allows every player to craft their own story. See the five-minute video for yourself below.

Bethesda has already revolutionized the sandbox RPG genre several times through its work on The Elder Scrolls saga and even the acclaimed Fallout series. Now it seems that the company is once again reinventing the formula for the upcoming Starfield, or at least designing the game in a way that transcends what we’ve come to expect from Western RPGs over the past decade.

If a focus on exploration, decision-making, and painstaking gameplay freedom are your thing, then Starfield will be right up your alley, in an immersive way that allegedly puts previous acclaimed titles from Bethesda like Skyrim or Fallout 4 to shame. At least that’s what Howard is boasting, regardless of his notorious reputation for overselling Bethesda titles.

Starfield is no doubt the most hype-fuelling Xbox/PC exclusive that Xbox has got lined up on the horizon, so let’s hope that the studio puts together a proper showcase as part of Microsoft’s planned E3-style conference in June.