WGTC Radio #35 & 36 – Persona 4 Golden Review & Discussion Spectacular!

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For the last month, both Sean and I have been spending irresponsible amounts of time playing Persona 4 Golden, the enhanced HD remake of the modern JRPG classic Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, on the PS Vita. It is not only one of our favorite games of all time, but one of the best fictional stories and most incredible works of art either of us have ever encountered, and as we have been promising for weeks, we finally sat down and recorded a podcast about it.

Actually, we recorded two of them, and both episodes – #35 and #36 of WGTC Radio – are available today to listeners! That’s five whole hours of podcasting in total, and while we know many listeners will probably not be interested in this particular topic, we know that those who have played Persona 4 will be more than happy to listen about this amazing game. As anyone familiar with this magnum opus will tell you, Persona 4 changes you, and after diving in to the world of Inaba, there is no going back.

And for those who would rather we talk about something other than a relatively obscure JRPG title…don’t worry. We will be back next week with a completely different, hopefully more wide-ranging discussion – including a very exciting announcement!

Enjoy the show!   

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