WGTC Radio #54 – Discussing & Analyzing The Last of Us

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While we apologize for the erratic scheduling as of late – we will be taking next week off so we can return on Monday, July 8th with new, weekly episodes in their normal timeslot – we think we have made up for it with a really special episode for gamers. Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us launched two weeks ago on the PlayStation 3, and has quickly taken the videogame community by storm as one of the greatest and most accomplished titles of this waning generation, if not of all time.

For our part, Sean and I could not love The Last of Us any more, and have recorded a long, in-depth, spoiler-filled discussion in which we analyze the story, themes, and characters, review the gameplay, graphics, and music, and swap plenty of stories about the different ways we played the game, and our respective philosophies on how it should be experienced. For a game this significant, we wanted to give The Last of Us the treatment it deserves, and we believe it has. If you have played the game, this is an episode you will not want to miss.

There will be much more gaming content on the show in the weeks ahead. As I said earlier, we will return on Monday, July 8th with more new episodes, and continue in that Monday timeslot from this point forward. We will even have a special two-part episode coming up next month about our favorite games of all time!

Enjoy the show!

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