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What Do Polar Bears Eat in Minecraft?

These animals have a preference when it comes to food.

Polar Bear

Minecraft has a plethora of creatures scattered around the world within all biomes, but one of the most popular is definitely the Polar bear. These snow-based creatures are mostly friendly to players, however, if you encounter them nearby a cub you will be in danger of attack.

Fortunately, players can tame Polar bears to follow them around or to assist them with gathered some of the most unique arctic resources in the game. Tamed Polar bears will assist you in combat for attacking defending purposes. They can also be rode to get around quicker.

If you’re looking to find some Polar bear companions for your journey you’ll need to have the correct items. Here is everything you need to know about what Polar bears eat in Minecraft.

What Do Polar Bears Eat in Minecraft?

Polar bears eat fish in Minecraft so if you plan on taming one you’ll need a lot of them. Polar bears have a preference for salmon so this should be the ideal fish to use for taming purposes, unlike other NPC species like cats or dolphins who have no preference for species of fish.

These creatures travel in groups of between one and four. You can tame Polar bears of any size, however, finding an adult on their own will be the easiest to tame

When you encounter the animal simply begin feeding it fish until you notice hearts appearing above its head. At this point, you’ve finished taming the bear and you’ll be able to use them for combat or travel purposes.

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