Melee Fighter Yin Is Paragon’s Latest Hero Addition, Available March 14


Paragon‘s existing roster of heroes is about to get whipped into shape with the arrival of Yin, the latest character addition headed to Epic Games’ free-to-play MOBA. Scheduled to arrive next week, March 14, the whip-wielding melee combatant is a carry-type, so you’ll want to prioritize power and critical strike chance when deciding which card buffs to take into battle with you. Like recent addition Aurora, she grew up entangled in a life of crime, eventually leaving it behind to become First Guardian of her native city.

Endowed with the power to manipulate wind magic, Yin’s primary source of damage is her whip which, when combined with the former, can result in a pretty impressive show of force. First up is Backlash, which enables her to deflect any oncoming projectiles back at her opponents, while also doing damage to any enemies in range of her whip. If the other team has a Lt. Belica or Howitzer, Yin could well prove to be the perfect counter to their damaging ranged attacks.

Next is Lash Kick, a fancy maneuver that sees Yin wrap her whip around a target and pull herself towards them, dealing damage by propelling herself off their cranium. Like the versatile moveset Epic gave to previous character Shinbi, Lash Kick should serve as an excellent pursuit and escape tool, able to disorient enemies when you find yourself surrounded. Windburn doesn’t have the spectacular visual finesse of Lash Kick, but it provides a hefty buff to basic attacks, increasing its range and granting cleave.

Saving the best for last, Quelling Gale sees Yin surround herself in a whirlwind, slowing all enemies and projectiles that come into contact with it for five seconds. For a visual display of everything you’ve just read, check out the trailer above.

Paragon is currently in open beta now on PlayStation 4 and PC, with all progress made during the period carrying over to the full release. To help get you up to speed, you can find details for all previous character and gameplay updates here.

Source: Epic Games