Wii U Launching Worldwide By Year’s End, New Name Being Considered

Nintendo is, understandably, keeping a lot of details about their upcoming system, the Wii U, under wraps. All we know about it so far is it’s more powerful than any console out now and it’s got a…um…bold new control scheme. We can at least confirm that the new little white box will see its way to store shelves before the end of 2012.

Speaking with Reuters this morning, Nintendo big cheese Satoru Iwata confirmed that the Wii U will see a release in all four major territories (Japan, Australia, North America and Europe) before the end of 2012.

This isn’t too far off from what we’ve already heard. Talk said when the thing was revealed at E3 last year that the device would hit retail early this year. That was changed around to “around Summer 2012.” It would make the most sense to release at the end of the year right before the holidays, since consoles typically do their best around that timeframe.

There are also rumors spreading around that Nintendo is considering renaming the console to avoid confusion with less-informed consumers. This same kind of confusion is likely to take part of the blame for the 3DS having a sluggish start. It’s only a rumor at this point, but it certainly would make sense to change things up a bit.

What say you, gamers? Got any suggestions for a possible name?