Willem Dafoe Is Not A Co-Star In Beyond: Two Souls

Last month we reported the hopeful rumor that Willem Dafoe was co-starring in Quantic Dream‘s upcoming PlayStation 3 title, Beyond: Two Souls. Sadly, David Cage confirmed at the San Diego Comic-Con this week that this was nothing more than a rumor and Dafoe is not in the game.

Dafoe may be out of the equation, along with our hopes for a Boondock Saints type Riverdancing QTE mini-game, but that doesn’t mean that Ellen Page will have to carry the game all by herself. Quantic Dream has confirmed that Kadeem Hardison (A Different World‘s Dwayne Wayne) will be playing a paranormal investigator that “raises” Page’s character, Jodie Holmes.

Additionally, it was announced that Eric Winter will be playing an unannounced part in Beyond. Chances are, you don’t know who Eric Winter is but those of us who have spent some time in Salem will best remember him as Rex DiMera/Brady. I’ll just leave it at that before my “man-card” gets revoked.

Source: Joystiq