The Witcher 4 Looking Likely As Developer Signs New Deal With Author


Thanks to Netflix’s latest smash hit, Geralt of Rivia has earned himself a legion of new fans.

The Witcher, which sees Superman actor Henry Cavill play the series’ title role, has found itself enjoying an overwhelmingly positive reception from fans and critics alike, with particular praise being heaped on the show’s fantastic choreography during set-piece fight scenes. So popular has the eight-episode first season proven to be, in fact, that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt Red’s critically acclaimed final entry in the RPG series, has seen a resurgence in players on Valve’s Steam service.

Great news for all involved, then, but CD Projekt, it would seem, has particular reason to celebrate as of late. Following a messy legal dispute between itself and author of the original Witcher books Andrzej Sapkowski, the two parties have reforged their business relationship, reigniting hopes of a Witcher 4 in the process.

Announcing the news on its official website, the studio said: “CD PROJEKT, together with Andrzej Sapkowski, author of ‘The Witcher’ books, would like to inform that today both parties signed an agreement further solidifying their relationship.” Setting out the new terms of its deal with Sapkowski, the press release continues: “The agreement grants CD PROJEKT new rights, as well as confirms the company’s title to ‘The Witcher’ intellectual property in video games, graphic novels, board games, and merchandise.”

The new deal strongly suggests that CD Projekt is far from done with The Witcher, then (why else would it want to renew the license?), but just how likely is a Witcher 4? Geralt’s story was brought to a definitive end in the third installment’s conclusion, after all, so a more likely outcome would perhaps be a spinoff series or games set in the universe similar to the standalone Gwent collectable card game.

We’ll ultimately have to wait and see, unfortunately, but at the very least, more Witcher – in one form or another – is assuredly on the way. Watch this space.