New ‘Wolf Link’ Amiibo Will Unlock New Content In The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD


The Wii U release of The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD looks to be getting all-new content that’s unlockable only through the use of a special Amiibo. The Wolf Link Amiibo (pictured above) included with the limited edition of the game will unlock access to a brand-spanking-new dungeon, if a listing on Amazon France is to be believed.

The page, spotted by Nintendo Insider, apparently lists the name of the new dungeon as ‘La Cave du Crépuscule,’ which translates to “The Cave Of Twilight.” If true, this will be the first brand new slice of content released for Twilight Princess since its original début in 2006, but how the new area will slot into the game – and what purpose it will serve – isn’t yet clear.

Its also been reported that other Amiibo will be able to interact with the game, and can be used to replenish Link’s health and consumables.

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD launches for Wii U on March 4, and while it will provide Zelda fans with a great re-release, most will undoubtedly be waiting patiently for the upcoming new entry in the series supposedly due to release sometime this year, still titled The Legend Of Zelda Wii U.If true, what are your thoughts on Nintendo including new content for The Twilight Princess which is only accessible by purchasing a separate item? Are you a fan of that decision? Sound off below and let us know.

Source: VideoGamer