Wondershot Arriving For Consoles And PC Before The End Of February


Multiplayer madness will be making a beeline for Xbox One, PS4 and PC players before the end of February with the arrival of Liekir Studios’ Wondershot. The French developer’s indie title is a top-down, multiplayer battle game that won the ‘Game To Play’ award at Indie Games Play’s 2015 event.

Today the studio have confirmed Wondershot‘s release dates and debuted a new trailer that offers an introduction to the weapons you’ll be able to choose from when the game releases. Unlike many other party-game battlers, Wondershot features distinct melee and missile weapons, with the latter having numerous customisation options.

Bow and arrows can be tweaked with the use of portals and hovering projectiles, while slingshots can be loaded up with large, powerful bullets or swift and deadly smaller ammo. The melee options also offer useful customization as they can be employed to charge through other oncoming assaults.

With such a variety of weaponry on offer, the relatively small arenas of Wondershot‘s battles could prove to be unforgiving for the unprepared player. Tactics and a considered weapon set will be crucial if you hope to overcome your friends and charge to victory here.

Wondershot is coming to Xbox One and PC on February 19th, while PS4 players will have to wait a little longer for its release on February 23rd.

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