World Of Final Fantasy Gets A Release Date And New Trailer


Square Enix originally announced World of Final Fantasy at Sony’s last E3 conference, but the reveal was quickly overshadowed by the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII remake’s confirmation immediately afterwards. Despite this, Square Enix has remained hard at work on the quirky spinoff title, and it looks like fans of the series will have more to look forward to this fall than just Final Fantasy XV, as World has been confirmed for a global release on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

The campaign will see players following the journey of Reynn and Lann, two siblings travelling through the realm of Grymoire hoping to restore their lost memories. Along the way, the pair will team up with alternate (and much more adorable) versions of existing Final Fantasy heroes and allies. Fans can expect to see both mainstays like Cloud and Squall, as well as sidekicks like Quistis and Vivi. The twins will be able to collect and battle with various creatures from the series, and even have the ability to transform into similar chibi versions of themselves when necessary.

Square Enix has developed the title with the goal of attracting newer, younger gamers to the series, hence the different art style for many characters. RPG veterans can also expect a less challenging experience as a result. The latest trailer certainly indicates a more lighthearted approach to the writing than usual, though we can only hope the developer doesn’t deliver a game similar to Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, an ill-fated similar attempt from the Super NES days.

World of Final Fantasy will be available on October 25.