The Five Most Disappointing Superhero Video Games In Recent Memory

2) Superman Returns: The Video Game

Poor Superman. After years of laying dormant as a video game afterthought, Metropolis’ saviour finally received another chance to shine with Superman Returns: The Video Game. Loosely based on the hero’s 2006 blockbuster, the game attempted to provide us with a visceral experience within an open world version of the aforementioned fictional city. Though, in the end, what we really received was a dull, clunky and unfinished action experience that was rushed out to store shelves. Not to mention an ugly one at that.

1) Thor: God of Thunder

When SEGA announced its plans to release an interactive tie-in to 2011’s Thor, none of us could’ve expected it’d end up being as poor as it did. After all, the God of Thunder seemed like he’d be a great video game character thanks to his appetite for visceral melee combat, as well as his brute strength. For those reasons and more, Liquid Entertainment should have been able to come up with something that was at least entertaining, but they didn’t. Thor: God of Thunder for Xbox 360 and PS3 was an abomination, and one that should have never seen the light of day. Playing through it was almost as enjoyable as having a tooth pulled, thanks to clunky gameplay, repetitive battles against dull enemies and presentation elements that had seen better days years before its release.

Honourable Mention: Superman 64

Honestly, there’s not much more that can be said about this travesty, which crushed many N64 owners’ dreams of playing a fun video game based on the Man of Steel. In the end, what was expected to offer fans the opportunity to save Metropolis using Clark Kent’s amazing powers ended up boiling down to a broken and completely uninteresting snooze fest. There’s nothing super, nor heroic about flying through rings! The unfortunate thing is that Superman 64‘s development team didn’t realize that fact, and decided to task us with flying through an unnecessary wealth of the golden circles.

While Superman 64 is older than the other games featured on this list, no other superhero video game can compete with its terrible faults. For that reason, what is often described as being the genre’s worst outing needed to be made mention of. The unfortunate thing is that Superman is still waiting for his first really good video game, which is a shame. The Death and Return of Superman still stands as his best outing in a main role.

There you have it, folks. Do you agree with these picks, or are there other games that you would’ve included instead? Let us know in our comments section.