Will Wright Offers His Opinions On SimCity

SimCity has been getting a lot of us excited down here in the We Got This Covered bunker, and I was starting to wonder if there was any way it would be able to live up to the hype we have built up in our own minds. If only we could have some sort of expert chime in to give us a trusted point of view on if the game really is as great as the marketing. Well, since you’re going to have to wait just a bit longer for our review, Maxis has brought in an expert of their own to give a bit of insight.

Will Wright should be a name familiar to most PC gamers as he was responsible for most of the best Sim games since the 1989. Although he’s moved on from Maxis to form Stupid Fun Club back in 2009, he agreed to go on camera to share a few of his thoughts with SimCity’s creative director Ocean Quigley.

“I’ve had more fun playing this SimCity than I’ve had playing Sim City in over a decade” stated Wright, which is quite the praise coming from the father of the title. Maxis released two videos, both of which you can see below, allowing Mr. Wright to go into a bit of detail while sharing his thoughts. The first video shows off Will musing over the mechanics of the game while the second one features Stone Labrande asking Will about his personal experiences creating cities.

I personally cannot wait to get my hands on SimCity when it launches next week. I’d like to promise that I’ll build a modern utopia which shows the world an ideal way of living free of crime and pollution, but I feel like I can be honest with you: I’m probably going to screw things up and then just have a meteor destroy the entire damn thing.

SimCity hits shelves on March 5th. Will you be picking up the game?

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