WWE ’13 Attitude Era Mode Revealed In Detailed Video


If it’s not a roster reveal or confirmation of a downloadable superstar then it must be something else important, because THQ seems to be rolling out exciting news left and right for their upcoming wrestling title WWE ’13. I literally just ran over the official roster the other day, which is loaded with past and present superstars and now I have another video to share with you that details the Attitude Era mode.

We all know the Attitude Era was one of the most important moments not just in WWE history, but in the history of professional wrestling. Two of the biggest wrestling companies on the planet (WWE & WCW) went head-to-head in a battle for television numbers and brand supremacy. WWE came out on top by creating the Attitude Era, which promised smash-mouth wrestling that was risky, exciting and unpredictable. It birthed characters such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, The Rock, Mankind and many many more. All of these characters are playable in WWE ’13, as well as your favorite superstars of today.

The video below describes the Attitude Era mode, which allows you to relive tons of matches and crucial points that took place during the Attitude Era. It looks like each mode will play out similar to the previous games’ Road to WrestleMania mode, which allowed you to take a superstar and climb through the ranks of the WWE Universe. The Attitude Era mode should result in some classic matches that you may or may not have watched in person at a younger age.

It looks like a complete blast and a trip down memory lane that is much needed, especially considering the current state of PG-friendly WWE programming.

WWE ’13 hits shelves on October 30th, 2012 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Remember, if you pre-order your copy in advance you’ll get access to play as boxing legend Mike Tyson!


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  1. Wilson Reinkesays:

    I cant wait!

  2. Dragonzordsays:

    Why don’t they break their stupid ritual and really make some creative games. For example how about a Monday Night Wars, have RAW and Nitro games like Pokemon Red and Blue, with character trading and intershow matches that weren’t possible in real life

    1. Didn’t they try this not too long ago with a Legends of WM game or something along those lines? I don’t recall it doing to well for sale numbers.

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