Is A New WWE 2K15 Trailer On Its Way?


If you keep up-to-date with wrestling news and the business in general, then you probably noticed that Sting sent out a very cryptic Tweet this week. Said Tweet, which was short and to the point, simply mentioned the date of July 14th, 2014.

Naturally, wrestling fans around the globe overreacted a bit and took the tease as a sign that Sting will be making his long anticipated WWE debut that night. That’s probably not the case, though, for multiple reasons.

Last week, we reported that John Cena would be gracing the cover of WWE 2K15, so it’s abundantly clear that both WWE and 2K Games are beginning to publicly promote the game. Furthermore, during a Monday Night Raw event held on July 15, 2013, we saw the first trailer for WWE 2k14, which featured the game’s pre-order bonus DLC wrestler The Ultimate Warrior. Sting, himself, happens to be the pre-order character for this year’s game.

There were also reports of a commercial being filmed, with Sting as the star attraction; however, it still remains uncertain as to what exactly it will be used to promote.

That said, if you place the puzzle pieces together rationally, it seems that both 2K and WWE are entering the next phase of promotion for WWE 2K15, and their next step will somehow involve Sting. If that ends up being the case, rest assured that we’ll let you know.