Xbox One Does Away With Microsoft Points, Adds New Xbox LIVE Features

xbox one conference

The rumours ended up being true: Microsoft is, in fact, doing away with Microsoft Points with its Xbox One infrastructure. Instead, you’ll be asked to pay for things using your local currency, which should make things more convenient. After all, it’ll remove the need for a prior purchase of points, whether from a store or the Marketplace.

Furthering its information reveal with more of a focus on Xbox LIVE and Xbox One, as opposed to the related Marketplace, Microsoft also announced that players’ friends and family members will be able to take advantage of some of their Gold-exclusive benefits while using their personal console. In order to do so, signing in won’t be required, and online multiplayer will apparently be made available through this method.

What about online friends, you ask? Well, they’ve removed the 100 friend limit, allowing you to connect to all of the gamers you like to play and associate with.