Xbox One Won’t Play 3D Blu-Rays At Launch, Microsoft Isn’t Ruling It Out Though

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One feature that the Xbox 360 was always sorely missing was the ability to play Blu-Rays. For the Xbox One, Microsoft has remedied this but unfortunately, the ability to play 3D Blu-Rays will still be absent. The company confirmed this to CNET this weekend but they did state that the feature might be added at a later date, so it’s not off the table just yet.

While this is definitely disappointing, I guess we should be thankful that at least we’re getting Blu-Ray playback. Still, I have to wonder, if Microsoft is implementing support for Blu-Rays, why not just go all the way and include 3D Blu-Rays as well? I’m sure the demand for the feature is there too, especially since nowadays more and more films are getting the 3D treatment.

Thankfully, the company hasn’t ruled it out just yet and I wouldn’t be surprised if 3D support is rolled out in a future update. Let’s just hope its sometime soon. Though I do already have a 3D Blu-Ray player at home, if Microsoft really wants to sell people on the fact that the Xbox One is an all-in-one entertainment system, then the support for 3D really needs to be there, don’t you think?