XCOM 2 Shows Off A New Enemy And Some New Environments


As the game’s imminent release date draws ever closer, XCOM 2 fans can get a look at some more of the content they can expect to experience in a few weeks’ time. A new gameplay video reveals a deadly new alien enemy type, while a batch of screenshots give us a look at a brand new environment within the game’s combat.

The new alien enemy, known as a Gatekeeper, has been showcased in a video given to IGN and it looks like a doozy. Its appearance will draw most recent comparisons to the servitors in Destiny, as the floating orb hovers insipidly over each battlefield. It’s far deadlier than the smooth exterior suggests, however, and it’s shown to have a deadly firing range when in combat.

More worrying for XCOM 2 players will be the tentacles beneath its surface, as these are shown to have the ability to reanimate corpses on the battlefield. What these can then be used for is not shown in the video, but we’re going to go ahead and bet that it’s certainly not good.

Along with the new Gatekeeper reveal, Firaxis have also been giving sneak peaks at a new environment in for XCOM 2: the slums. You can check out a few of the images in the slideshow below and see how their derelict streets will impact on the gameplay of the new title when it arrives.

XCOM 2 is set for launch on PC, Mac and Linux on February 9th.

Source: IGN

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