You’ve Been Chosen: BioWare Teases New IP Ahead Of Gamescom Reveal

With Gamescom a mere few weeks away, it seems as though BioWare — creative minds behind the likes of Mass Effect and Dragon Age — is gearing up to debut an all-new game, if an atmospheric live-action trailer is to be believed.

In tandem with unveiling the above footage, the reputable studio also invited a select number of fans to a website titled You’ve-Been-Chosen, which effectively locks the IP in for a Gamescom reveal.

“The time is near,” states the website. “They are watching. Your power is rising. Cologne, Germany. You’ve Been Chosen.”

The video itself appears to show a man suffering from a lucid dream, replete with distorted clones and never-ending alleyways, before waking up in a state of startled confusion. Of course, with little information to go on, we’ll have to wait patiently until we discover how exactly BioWare plan to mould gameplay around this nightmarish premise.

That said, it’s understood that EA will serve as publisher for the title, which lends credence to reports suggesting that BioWare’s latest project may indeed be called Shadow Realms, considering that the company registered a trademark bearing that name only a few months ago.

Moreover, this title doesn’t bear any similarities to the new IP that BioWare Edmonton briefly showcased during E3, which itself was billed as an expansive universe in the vein of Mass Effect and indeed Dragon Age.

At this point in time, we can only speculate. Could this be a small-scaled horror experience unlike anything the studio has produced? Or is it the product of the collaboration with London-based studio Failbetter Games? Either way, BioWare looks set to answer some, all, or none of those questions when it reveals this most mysterious title during Gamescom in August.

Source: BioWare