Did Zenimax Media Just Trademark Its First Skyrim DLC Pack?



It seems that we might be getting some Skyrim DLC sooner than we had originally imagined. Bethesda Softworks‘ parent company, Zenimax Media, recently filed a trademark application for “Dawnguard,” which is tagged as “computer game software and video game consoles; downloadable computer game software offered via the Internet and wireless devices.” While this in itself doesn’t tell us much, Oblivion players will be quick to remember the Mythic Dawn cult who worshiped Mehrunes Dagon, the daedric prince of destruction. All we can confirm at this point is that Bethesda is currently working on a number of unnamed projects, including at least two Skyrim DLC packs.

While we have no verified information on what to expect, Bethesda’s Todd Howard had showed off the results of the company’s “Game Jam” recently, which could give us a few hints. You can see the results of that below. The lack of credible sources has never soured the internet before however, and message boards are teaming with rumors already ranging from dragon mounts to werewolf skill trees. For now, let your imagination run wild and keep checking in with us as we get more information for you.

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