State Of Decay Nears Release As It Shuffles Into Certification



Undead Labs has officially announced that their zombie survival simulator, State of Decay, has been sent off for final certification.

This will come as a relief for anyone who has been steadily preparing for the zombie apocalypse as now they will finally be able to test out their survival theories from the safety of their couch.

State of Decay is already looking to be the zombie apocalypse simulator that living dead enthusiasts have been craving for some time now.  Sure, The War Z and DayZ have attempted to recreate the experience of a survival situation but they fail to completely simulate the long term problems survivors would face. It will be interesting to see whether these games hold up once Undead Labs’ zombie love child is in our hands. It certainly appears that the game is set to truly be the zombie simulator to end all zombie simulators, or at least until another spawns into existence. If we’re being realistic then it seems likely we will be seeing a few more zombie games before the trend is gone entirely.

Enthusiastic fans of zombie games will now have to watch as the clock agonizingly ticks away until we finally have an official June release date. For now, enjoy the rotting flesh of the undead with this awesome live stream gameplay footage from the team at Undead Labs. The two-part stream provides a meaty in-depth look at what fans will be able to expect from the Xbox LIVE Arcade title.

Be sure to leave us your thoughts on State of Decay. What’s your plan for survival?

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